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  • One of the UK’s premier lawyers will have been seen this week doing the rounds in the whiskey and canapés world of the Indian business community. 


    Stuart Popham, the senior partner of Clifford Chance, is part of the UK Government’s trade and jobs delegation to India and his not-so-secret ‘mission’ is to sell the UK’s professional services to India.

  •  Academics, and journalists for that matter, enjoy grouping and categorising industries. Those working in the legal sector are no exception to the rule...

  • Welcome to the RSG India Law Centre. It is designed to be a commercial source of insight and information for anyone interested in legal India.


    Based on essential information about the different stakeholders in the market, the resource will be bound together by RSG's quality editorial and analysis into topical issues.

  • As Western legal markets reeled from the recession last year, Indian lawyers were sanguine. RSG’s research over the past two years reveals that India has possibly the most dynamic legal market in the world.

  • As the Indian tax authorities get tougher, Rajesh Simhan of Nishith Desai, says that foreign investors should be wary but not put off.


  • In December 2009, Reena SenGupta was invited on an Asian Women of Achievement delegation to India, hosted and organised by Vicki Treadell, the British Deputy High Commissioner in Mumbai.