The RSG India Law Centre and Roving RSG

Welcome to the RSG India Law Centre. It is designed to be a commercial source of insight and information for anyone interested in legal India.


Based on essential information about the different stakeholders in the market, the resource will be bound together by RSG's quality editorial and analysis into topical issues.


With a track record of journalism and publishing for the Financial Times and Chambers & Partners, RSG's ability to create and maintain its unique take on the legal profession is well tested. Its launch last year of the first edition of the RSG India Report was met with acclaim in the international press.


What is Roving RSG?


Investigative journalism with a commercial twist.


Roving RSG is the features, opinion and analysis part of the site. We intend to release major stories about issues that affect multi-nationals doing business in India, written from the legal perspective. 


Reena SenGupta is one of the most seasoned legal journalists in the market and has been writing about the profession for fourteen years. She helped to set up the FT Law & Business page in 2001, and created FT Innovative Lawyers, a report which analyses cutting edge practices in Europe and the US. With a highly qualified team of researcher/writers, we think that you will find our coverage of the Indian legal market indispensable. 


We would also welcome contributions from expert lawyers with something valuable to say.  RSG India is designed to be inclusive and a platform on which serious opinions and articles about key developments in the Indian marketplace can be aired.