Client satisfaction with Indian lawyers

 Long a feature of more developed jurisdictions, client satisfaction reports tell law firms (and clients) how they are doing against the all important service, expertise, commercial and leadership indicators. The Directories measure reputation. Here, we measure the attributest that really make a difference when instructing a law firm. Will they return your phone calls? How good are the junior partners? The associates? When the Shroffs and Modys are too busy to return phone calls or be with you at that all important negotiation, who are the second tier that can carry their mantle?


For Indian law firms, the results represent unique intelligence about how to identify and then maintain and exploit competitive advantage. 


Nearly 250 clients shared their opinions with us about the 40 law firms that matter. And as an independent, objective agency we have analysed their feedback and created the first, genuine representation of their views. Many of them (41) are ET500 clients, 21 being in the top 50. Nearly a third were banks and financial institutions who are among the most sophisticated legal purchasers in the world. If you want to know who to really instruct, what to expect or simply how to benchmark yourself, then get in touch with us.